Instagram is one of the social media sites out of many other social networking sites running over the internet today.  This platform allows you to share photos privately or publicly. Now, if you are interesting in reaching out to a large audience, you need to start gathering and getting Instagram followers on this platform.

Some of the tried and tested tricks that can help you in getting Instagram followers free at a faster rate are as below.

Public Accounts.

If you own a private account wherein your friends will only be able to view what you post. In such cases, the best thing you can do to get instagram followers fast is to reach the public. If you are worried about your privacy, make sure you keep a track on what you share.

Regular Uploads

An inactive account is definitely not going to get many followers. Make sure you unfollow inactive accounts on a regular basis. Hence, the basic idea to reactivate your account is to upload catchy and original content.

Follow a thumb rule, which says do not post too little or too much.


In order to filter photographs, Instagram uses its filters. When you look for photographs, the social media network shows the common hashtags for all the photographs. Make sure you use relevant hashtags.

Use filters

Filters will help enhance the appearance of your photos, giving it a more personalized feel. This added beauty can help you attract more followers who appreciate quality work. Preview a filter to know how it looks before putting it.

Picture collages

Rather than posting a solo picture, you can combine many images into a single image. Such pictures prove to be more engaging as they narrate a story. You can accomplish this by using free collage making tools.